i have a headache! also is there a single 1d song that sounds better on album than live?

this is a reminder that! although i will respond to she/her pronouns, i do not prefer them! i prefer these!

this is a reminder that! i will not respond to the following:

  • girl
  • girlie
  • little girl
  • little thing
  • cutie
  • doll
  • miss
  • dee
  • banana pudding

it’s super nice how some fandoms are really respectful of artist’s comments and leave them untouched really well. :’)))

someone tell me why everyone in the goddamn world!!! gets upset with me!!!! when i try to approach them about an issue i have!!!

the idea that my happiness should be a second-place priority, that my emotional health, that my own values and sense of personhood are supposed to be worth less than someone else’s, to them and to me, is bullshit.

i have so many good url options and i wanna choose one but which one cast your votes now!!!

  • handsandguns
  • enbycas
  • enbyace
  • mayordi
  • polyace
  • bigbadbabe
  • nawbabe
  • heretofore unplundered url i must absolutely attain??

i am v ill and pathetic should i eat all of this cookie dough

im so mad i thought that i missed the time and the sale for the walk the moon (and patd i suppose) tour stop in austin BUT IT LOOKS LIKE THE PRESALE ACTUALLY ONLY INCLUDES NON MEZZ SO IM OKAY TILL PANIC TIME ON FRIDAY FABULOUS GREAT THANKS for notHIGN TICKETFLFY

it’s 7 am and i havent slept because i wanted to cry over gilmore girls but also my life choices and academic failure. cheers.

i’m really! creeped out!! by things physically growing through other things!!! is there a good way to ask people to tag this?

i thought i looked gross today but instead i look kinda sweet!! coolcool