Femslash February - Teen Wolf AU

Lydia Martin is a socialite, perfect and prim and proper on camera, discreet and a good girl off of it. Erica Reyes is new on the celebrity circuit, a new face emerging out of nowhere, disregarding social requirements in favour of leather and heavy make up and cleavage.

“What the holy hell is that?” asks Lydia, her eyes lingering on Erica’s low cut top, raking over her body, hovering over her legs. “That is not appropriate dress for this.”

She doesn’t mean for Erica to overhear. She doesn’t consciously mean for her to. But Erica arches an eyebrow her way, red lips curving into a wolfish grin. “Get me out of it then.”

“Get me a drink,” Lydia mutters, voice heavy with contempt, and sweeps off in search of some champagne.

She tries to lose herself in the bubbles, but Erica Reyes is there all night.


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presenting my newest of favorite critters, the violet snail

There’s a whole family of them.  Latin name Janthinidae.  The most common one is Janthina janthina.  I just love the name.  They live on the surface of the water, trapping air inside themselves so they can float along.  They all begin lives as male, and then physically change to female.

If I ever write a book of fairy stories, I’m just finding amazing species of animals and creating fae types based on them.  This is definitely one.





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This…is the greatest story ever told

they also went to the louvre together to, like, check out the dicks on statues for comparison just to calm scott the fuck down.

(i can just picture them, scott being his usual neurotic self, and ernest just like, ‘give me strength.  are you fucking kidding me?  i nearly died in the war.  i have a fucking medal of bravery.  and we’re looking at cocks together.  gatsby can only take you so far, my friend.  you better write another goddamn masterpiece soon.’)

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Just a reminder:

When Prophet Muhammad (sallahu alayhi wa sallam) was travelling on the road with his cousin, Al-Fadl ibn Abbas, a woman stopped him to ask him a question.  The woman was very beautiful, and Al-Fadl couldn’t help but stare at her.

Seeing this, Prophet Muhammad reached out his hand and turned his cousin’s face away.

He didn’t tell the woman to cover her face.

He didn’t tell her to change her clothing.

He didn’t tell her that her appearance was too tempting or indecent.

He averted his cousin’s impolite stare.


Deep in the rainforests of the Indian state of Meghalaya, bridges are not built, they’re grown. For more than 500 years locals have guided roots and vines from the native Ficus Elastica (rubber tree) across rivers, using hollowed out trees to create root guidance systems. When the roots and vines reach the opposite bank they are allowed to take root. Some of the bridges are over 100 feet long and can support the weight of 50 people.

Meanwhile, elves.

Sassy Charlie Dalton

Favorite Disney Characters: Flynn Rider

“This is the story of how I died. Don’t worry, this is actually a very fun story and the truth is, it isn’t even mine.”

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And I know Fuck is a bad word, but it sounds so good.
Good, like flipping off the preacher
whenever he forgets that Eve was Adam’s teacher,
‘cause apples are fucking healthy you patriarchal piece of shit.
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For all its snappy one-liners and rousing chases through deep space, Firefly is most beautiful—and most effective—in its simplicity. The show envisions the depths of outer space and humankind’s very future into the classic setting of for any Western, and does it so with the utmost elegance. Firefly’s space is the space of an untamed frontier, shattered by outlaws, vigilantes and lawmen. It’s a rough and tumble place, a future made primitive, where the progress of mankind means trudging through plenty of cow flops, and making victims out of whole societies of innocent people. It’s the American Old West writ large, and there’s perhaps no surprise in the fact that every planet that the motley crew of the Serenity touches down upon looks like it could have been pulled from Monument Valley or the scrub plains of Oklahoma. - Ian Chant