The main angel on Supernatural is called Castiel. Castiel clearly has a thing for Dean, and all the other angels are mildly disgusted and make fun of him behind his back for it, but Castiel doesn’t notice. And Dean is really confused about it, because he finds the whole thing slightly threatening to his masculinity, but on the other hand he’s kind of flattered because hey, angel.’s Supernatural Summary

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And you’re never to play violin music in my presence again.
I promise.

unfunfunf. that fucking smile in the middle left. those little interactions are. so. damn. attractive (read: arousing).

One day. One day soon. I will devour this show. Because. Uuuuuuuuunf. 

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  • Person: Have you seen this movie?
  • Tumblr: No, what's it about?
  • Person: Well there's these two guys--
  • Tumblr: They're gay for each other.
  • Person: No... they have a strong relationship but--
  • Tumblr: Gay.
  • Person: They're both happily--
  • Tumblr: Gay.
  • Person: You haven't even se--
  • Tumblr: Two dudes. Gay.
  • Person: Can I--
  • Tumblr: I just wrote the fic, bro.


How’s this for a handy sexuality guide?


Anonymous asked:
<p>Why are you so gay?</p>


1. i’m not gay.
2. using a sexual orientation as an insult is pretty low down and pretty pointless.
3. i’m pretty sure any homosexual that’s reading this right now would thank you for comparing them to me.

Dear homophobic people of the world,



Fantastic people of the world



This. This so much.


See. I sorta get this. Because Dean is open. He’s experimental. He’s lived through so much shit and sometimes, I think he does want someone who is strong enough to just hold him for a minute, just one minute where he can relax and push against and hold someone who isn’t soft and normal and sorry to say it, female. He likes females, have no doubt. But he’s male enough to never quite believe that females are strong in the way males are. Sorry to say. Wish I could think differently, but he doesn’t. No evidence I’ve been given leads me to believe that. With his Mom or Jo or Cassie or Lisa or anyone else. 

So I see that part of this statement.

But there’s a complementary part to this, that goes with the other. And that is that he is exquisitely male. He’s very comfortable with his sexuality. Comfortable enough with himself to joke about it, to maybe, probably have experimented with it even. But maybe he found he simply wasn’t attracted to males. And if he was, I wonder if he could ever move past he’s defined gender roles to see a long lasting attraction to someone male. Because I think that while gender is fluid, some people irrevocably, honestly, are not attracted to a certain sex. Straight facts. 

Course, I might be letting my shipping feelings get in the way, because I worry about these things when people ship Dean so nonchalantly with Cas or Sam. (Destiel in particular, cause lord if that relationship wouldn’t be a minefield of redefining traditional social views. I love when fandom and fics and things focus on that. The fact that angels have no gender. Have no sex. They are beyond such human definitions or concepts. That’s one of the reasons I ship Destiel, because Dean could have that feeling with Cas. Of leaning back and knowing someone is there, someone who knows everything about you and understands and accepts and is strong enough to hold all of you and never let go. And Cas isn’t male. And. But, he’s strong in all the ways that Dean’s social views think males are and if Dean could accept that Cas isn’t male really, then that would just work. And. And) I get way too fucking into this. 

#This show has taken over my life. #I know I had one before it, I know I did. How can I find it back? #doiwanttofinditback?

TLDR; Dean is complex. I don’t think you can quantify it as that simple. Supernatural has taken over my life. 


CNN: What do you make of singers like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Ke$ha who are seemingly touching on themes of gay empowerment in their music, but for some reason it doesn’t quite resonate?

Hanna: I mean, is it really that different when it’s a skinny white woman in a…

If you’re in a more festive mood, you can march in a Takei Pride Parade.