So I was just sat downstairs with my mum and y’know where you get that high pitched ringing in your ears? Well I had that and I was bitching about it and my mum turned to me and said

“It’s just Cas letting you know everything will be okay”



This police officer showed up at my house and I was in the middle of my movie and I didn’t know who he was and he knocks on my door and my dad answers it and I hear serious talking and then I trudge down the steps




and I’m all “Is everything okay?”

And the guy looks up at me and goes, “Let me guess, Miss Madison?”

And I’m all “Yes sir?”

And he goes, “I pulled someone into custody yesterday. He said he knew you. His accomplice claimed the same.” And he paused and goes, “These two gangly guys said that you were the key to some string of murders in New Orleans?”

And he’s completely serious and my dad looks all pissed

And I’m like “…What?”

And he goes on to continue and pulls a little note pad out of his pocket and says, “A mister Sam and Dean Winchester. Names sound familiar to you?”

And I start flailing like what oh my god pissing in my pants and I’m like it’s happening it was all real everything Becky is me I am a demon oh god no there is demon blood in me fuck fire oh god ghosts Sam and Dean need me and fuck shit horse crap.

And then the cop and my dad start busting out laughing.

They’re old high school friends and my dad had recently found out that he likes Supernatural and told him that I like it to and they fucking got me.

Fuck them both.


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I’m starting a punk band


called the Stay at Home Dads. Our first EP is called My Job is Having Fun

  1. Put That Down, Kadyn
  2. I Said Put That Down.
  3. Kadyn, Remember What We Talked About?
  4. What Do We Say to the Nice Lady?
  5. Dammit Cheryl I Don’t Know How Much Longer I Can Do This.

or check out our upcoming covers EP.

  1. London Crawling
  2. Kidzkrieg Bop
  3. Kick out the Jammies.
  4. Play Date in Cambodia
  5. Noserunner
  6. Blankie Generation
  7. Dora Is a Punk Rocker
  8. Pay to Come Over and Babysit Kadyn for Minute


Can we tumblrbomb the fuck outta this poll?

[Poll reads: Is raising a child free of gender roles a good idea? No currently has 85% and yes has only 15% of the votes.]

Can we like get a third option, instead? How about - It’s a fucking idea. Let’s not, like we do gender, label it one thing or the other. Life in spectrum, dudes.